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Nomination de M. Mohamed Benalilou Médiateur du Royaume / 13 décembre 2018

Biography of the Mediator of the Kingdom Mr. Mohamed Benalilou
Mediator of the Kingdom
(since December 13th 2018)
♦    Date of brith : 02 February 1975,
♦    Married (father of two children)

Current Occupations:

♦Member of the Supreme Council of Judiciary Power;

♦Member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council;

♦Member of the Council of the Moroccan Community Living Abroad;

♦Vice-President of the Association of Ombudsman and Mediators of the Francophonie (AOMF);

♦Member of the Board of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ombudsman Association (OICOA);

Decoration :

♦ Wissam Al-Moukafaa Al-Watania (National Order of Merit of Grand Officer).

Professional experience :

Judiciary Missions:

♦ Judge Counsellor at the Court of Cassation;

♦ Magistrate at the Administrative Court of Rabat;

♦ Investigating Judge at the Special Court of Justice in Rabat;

♦ Judge at the Court of First Instance of Tangier.

Administrative Tasks and Missions:

♦ Head of Administrative Affairs and Training Pole at the Supreme Council of Judiciary


♦ Human Resources Director at the Ministry of Justice;

♦ Studies, Cooperation and Modernization Director at the Ministry of Justice and Liberties;

♦ Director of Cabinet of the Minister of Justice and Liberties;

♦ Advisor to the Minister of Justice in charge of the criminal justice policy;

♦ Head of Special Criminal Justice Affairs at the Ministry of Justice;

♦ Head of Unit in charge of Implementing Court’s Criminal Justice Decisions at the Ministry of Justice;

♦ Member of the National Commission for Tax-related Appeal;

♦ Member of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UTRF) (Anti-money laundering body).

Advisory Missions:

♦ Member of the High Commission for National Dialogue on the Reform of the Justice System;

♦ Member of the National Advisory Committee for the UNDP Project of Modernizing Public

Prosecution Offices in the Arab States;

♦ Member of Government experts group suggested by the Member States for Review of the

Implementation of the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC);

♦ Member of Arab Group Government Experts for monitoring self-assessment related to the

UN Convention Against Corruption (AGEG);

♦ Founding Member of the Arab Network for Fighting Against Corruption and Promoting

Integrity and Transparency;

♦ Coordinator of the Central Moroccan Authority in charge of receiving legal assistance cooperation requests, their execution and transmission to the competent authorities pursuant to parag 13, article 46 of the UNCAC.

Teaching experience:

♦    Teaching criminal law and criminal procedure at the Higher Institute of the Judiciary;

♦    Part-time lecturer at the Royal Institute for Territorial Administration;

♦    Part-time lecturer at the Faculty of legal, economic, and social sciences, Souissi-Rabat.

Degrees and Certificates :

♦ Certificate of graduation from the Higher Institute of Juidiciary Studies;

♦ Higher University Studies Diploma;

♦ BA in private law.

♦ Certificate of training on « Protection against crime and criminal justice » awarded by the

Korean Agency for International Cooperation (KOICA);

♦ Certificate of training of trainers on « Finance Acts» awarded by l’Ecole nationale des magistrats in Paris;

♦ Certificate of training of trainers on « Fighting against bioterrorism», awarded by the

INTERPOL in Abu Dhabi in the UAE;

♦ Certificate of training of trainers on « Research and investigation in new forms of crimes»

awarded by the National Institute of Social and Criminological Research in Cairo;

♦ Certificate of meeting all the training requirements in anti-money laundering and counter- terrorism financing, awarded by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

International activities and conferences :

♦ Participating in many international conferences coping with various themes, namely fighting against corruption, organized crime, terrorism, human rights, as well as international judiciary cooperation in criminal affairs.

Scientific activities and contribution :

♦ Book titled « The crime for inciting for terror: the problematic of striking a balance between freedom of expression and the duty of sanction » (February 2014);

♦ Study about the topic « The functioning of public prosecution office in Morocco between the judicial practice and rights and freedoms guarantee» conducted to the benefit of the Arab Center for the Integrity and Transparency Promotion in Beyrouth;

♦ Publications of various articles dealing with legal and judicial issues;

♦ Facilitating many conferences and seminars held by international and national organizations to the profit magistrates and public prosecutors, judicial police officers, and public servants in charge of investigating environmental crimes or ecocides.

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